GSI Creative 520.495.0630 © Gulf Stream International , LLC All Rights Reserved Bob Denton, the President and CEO has been designing and implementing commercial websites since 1994. Bob Denton designed and published the first website for the city of Boca Raton, Florida as well as the City of Delray Beach, Florida, both resort destination between West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. In addition, he implemented a number of the first scuba diving web sites including The Deeper Dive Fleet, The Diver Down and Boynton Beach Scuba shop. Bob also pioneered online sales with The Bull and Bear, Wall Street based accessories shop, Aqua Gulf Transport, a multinational ocean freight company including real time freight tracking and on-line sailing schedules, Soy Technologies, a “green” solvent company and many other websites for all sorts of divergent businesses. Bob Denton is the creative and technical genius behind GSIC. He has the unique combination of both right brain and left brain talents and is able to translate the technical into the visual and vice versa. He has 10 years experience as a Fine Art’s professor with as many years in IT and micro computers. In addition, he holds chemistry patents as well as creative work in the permanent collections of leading international museums and galleries world wide. GSI Creative has been specifically founded to create websites for creative entities including musicians, artists, architects, theaters, instrument makers, specialty restaurants...anyone who needs more than the standard  one size fits all web site. GSIC will go the extra mile to understand the specific issues that need to be addressed with the web site and produce a totally unique site that expresses all the aspects of your creative being. Recent websites 12-2011and 01-2012 Home   Web Design    Graphic Design    Photography   Contact